PARIS – Efforts to prevent a bear cub from roaming around the yard of a Buckfield Road home appear to have failed.

“He’s still around,” said Cindy Thibodeau, who recently realized the cub had made the back of her truck his new sleeping quarters.

Thibodeau found paw marks around the interior of her 2001 Sport Trac Explorer last week and called game wardens when she realized she had a potentially serious problem with a cub sleeping in her truck about 20 feet from her house.

Game Warden Tony Gray of Norway came down later in the day to look at the paw prints and told her to make the impromptu bear den less appealing.

“I mowed my lawn until there isn’t any lawn left,” said Thibodeau, who has spent the summer removing objects, such as a bird feeder, from her yard that she thought might attract the bear.

“He’s just loving the area, and he’s marking his territory,” said Thibodeau of the bear’s insistence on leaving his “markings” on her front lawn.

Thibodeau said she’s been told that bear mating season will occur in about four weeks and it’s likely the cub will go away at that time. “Now he’s become a pest,” she said.

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