The Lewiston City Council vote Sept. 11 will be one of the most important, controversial, and far-reaching votes in years. The council will consider whether or not to put forth a referendum to the voters on whether to accept or reject a proposal by Casella Waste Systems to assume management of Lewiston’s dump facilities.

The benefit? Approximately $100 in tax relief for the average homeowner.

That the council is even considering sending this to the voters is unconscionable.

To make matters worse, the compensation is a slap in the face to every Lewiston resident.

This is a terrible deal for the citizens of Lewiston. While most of us can agree that real property tax relief is long overdue, this is not the way to do it. Not only will the fiscal impact be negligible, but the environmental impact will be drastic and perilous. The life of the dump will be cut down to 30 years, compared to more than 600 years at current usage rates.

This deal will mortgage the future for the younger Lewiston residents. All for what, $100 that every Lewiston resident knows the city will find some other way to tax or fee out of us?

If this council truly had the interests of their constituents in mind, this proposal would not see the light of day. This coming Tuesday will be an evening in which the council must come to terms with the magnitude of the decision at hand.

Michael Dumas, Lewiston

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