Charles and Diane Doyon have written two letters recently mentioning the sex abuse scandal in the Los Angeles diocese, and they still have it wrong.

In their original letter, they stated that the diocese was sued because some priests had homosexual relations with members of their flock. That is not true. Not $1 of the $660 million paid out was due to homosexual acts; every dime was paid for child sexual abuse.

After another letter writer pointed that out, the Doyons wrote again. They said this writer “stated that most of these priests were pedophiles,” when, in fact, the word “pedophile” never appeared in his letter – anywhere.

The Doyons say they learned from television that only a minority of priests were involved with prepubescent children and “their involvement was mostly with adolescents.” That whole statement is nothing but minimization; someone in the Doyons’ circle was victimized, while these priests were “involved with” children.

Really? What a joke.

The bigger joke is that the rest of their letter attempts to connect homosexuality to child sexual abuse, when in reality the two things have nothing to do with one another. If the Doyons’ level of denial wasn’t so appalling, it might actually be amusing.

The same TV program taught them that it’s difficult to change homosexuals’ orientation. Could it be that God made them that way?

Maybe the Doyons should pray for those who mislead others in the name of subtle bigotry. Namely, themselves.

Michael Johnson, Windham

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