I am incensed after reading yet again about a child abuser receving a light sentence. (Sept. 7) The perpetrator was a 46-year-old male and the victim a 12-year-old child. Yes, child. The opinion seemed to be that as the child started an Internet relationship, she was somehow at fault. Wrong. This is a 12-year-old we’re talking about.

Why wasn’t Clark Gadway given more time? Who is paying for his counseling? Taxpayers? How about the victim? She has been given a life sentence by this “man” who violated her. Is she eligible for free counseling? Why doesn’t Gadway pay for this for the next 30 years.

If one didn’t know better, you’d think prosecutors are never sure they can win these cases, so they keep making plea deals. Maybe it’s too expensive to tie up the courts with so many of these cases. I propose the state come out with a license plate and earmark all money to prosecuting crimes against children!

The loon plate certainly worked for conservation efforts.

Maine needs mandatory sentences for child predators. If our elected officials can’t propose any worthwhile, it’s time to replace them in the next election. I urge all Mainers to contact your state representatives and tell them you’re sick of the sex offender registry growing in leaps and bounds, and it’s time to put these people away.

Gwen Wulleman, Oxford

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