Osama bin Laden and President Bush are playing good cop, bad cop.

Bin Laden has come to Bush’s rescue once again. When things look bad for Bush, another video is received or new information obtained about a new al-Qaida threat. Bush and bin Laden spread fear of terrorist attacks working together trying to control Iraq.

Terror is the trump card pulled every time Bush is in a tight spot. Bin Laden helped Bush win the presidential race in 2004 with a video. Neither bin Laden nor Bush want the Iraq war to end.

Using fear tactics they both get what they want. Bush wouldn’t send more troops into Afghanistan when needed to capture bin Laden. Instead Bush started the war in Iraq. I’m more terrified of the Bush administration destroying America from the inside than from terrorist attacks.

U.S. soldiers equal 92 percent of troops in Iraq, around 168,000 total. There are 16 countries with soldiers in Iraq, totaling only 9,790 soldiers. This is not much of a coalition. Seventeen countries have withdrawn their troops from Iraq. Bush and bin Laden are playing war games with live people instead of toy soldiers. Both have no value for human life when it involves others. I sometimes wonder if bin Laden is hiding somewhere in Texas!

Bush and bin Laden do their song and dance in perfect harmony. It looks like their two-step is working again.

Congress only watches, wishing they could dance as well.

Deanne Danforth, Turner

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