The Lewiston City Council meeting of Sept. 18 has prompted me to make a motion to disband the entire council for the remainder of the year. Do I hear a second?

Obviously, our elected officials have made the decision to take no action on any issue or matter brought before them – rather deferring it to the new council that will assume office in January.

It’s a sad day for the citizens of Lewiston when its seasoned city officials will not fulfill the requirements of the elected offices. Lame duck council is a term that doesn’t even apply to them; they have surpassed the meaning of it. All of them should be ashamed to show their faces in public.

Life does not stop because an election is pending. When they ran for re-election last term, all must have been pretty cocky – assuming they would be re-elected – because no wait-and-see attitude was shown then.

Fortunately, most are now leaving, because this November might have been an eye-opener.

It is evident there is a lot of discord between the council and the mayor. However, it is pathetic that this city needs to be put on hold because adults cannot put their differences aside and at least try to work together.

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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