I had the privilege to accompany the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall along with thousands of others as it arrived in Maine this past Sunday. Not only was it a magnificent day, it was also quite a wonderful spectacle to behold.

This 8-foot-tall and 240-foot-long wall is a replica of the one that stands in Washington, D.C. However large its dimension, it cannot compare with the courage and bravery that was exhibited in the hearts of those whose names appear on this wall: unsung, unrecognized heroes.

Miles of riders pursued their way down the highway in orderly and organized double-file fashion. As we rolled along the Maine Turnpike, hundreds stood along the byways, at exits and atop the many overpasses that span the Turnpike, displaying their colors, saluting with a show of respect and patriotism like I have never seen.

Amid the constant roar of bikes, there remained an aura of honor and dignity toward those still in our midst and the 58,000 others who sacrificed for our freedom. May their valor and service be recognized at last and may it bring solace and healing to those veterans who have returned bruised or damaged by the Vietnam experience.

I am proud to say also that I was traveling with an 82-year-old World War II veteran.

Lorraine Ligthart, Lewiston

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