It was an honor for Lewiston to showcase the Vietnam Memorial Wall replica. On that wall are several names of our own young men who honorably, yet tragically, gave their lives.

There is the name of one young man whose name I would like to recognize: Sgt. Michael J. McGonagle, U.S. Army. He was born Sept. 25, 1946, and killed in action awaiting medivac with his men on Oct. 17, 1966.

“Mickey” to his friends, he was a kind, generous and gentle soul. He didn’t have much while growing up so, like many young men, even today, he joined the military to provide himself some sort of secure future.

He doesn’t have a school named after him. No one praises how he saved or led his men. There is no memorial for him. But in the time since his death, I have never missed a year of honoring him on Memorial Day.

I have heard it said that you are not dead as long as someone remembers your name.

His name is on that wall.

Sheila R. Henson, Lewiston

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