Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourney held at Kebo Valley:

CLASS A: Gross: Mike Norris, 70; Mark Plummer, 71; Ray Hawley, 73; Jerry Glidden, 74. Net: Bill Boulier, 79-68; Rusty Johnstone, 78-68; Toby Cole, 77-69; Fred Warner, 75-69 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: Charles Pushard, Gordon Goodwin, 78; Jim Horn, 85; Ray Mountain, 85 (MC). Net: Ralph Mooers, 90-65; Roy Leighton, 82-66; Dave Thibodeau, 96-69; Greg Murray, 86-69.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Phil Norton, 77; Mike Knox, 78. Net: John Hutchins, 78-69. Dennis Demmons, Sr., 90-70.

4-BALL: Gross: Mike Norris, Larry Eldridge, Greg Black, Roy Leighton, 137; Erik Fitch, Toby Cole, Eric Hutchins, Matt Zito, 139; Phil Norton, Henry Tibbetts, Ron Tibbetts, Gordon Goodwin, 139. Net: Linzy Norris, Ralph Mooers, Joel Greatorex, Tom Fitzgerald, 163-118; Fred Warner, Scott Eldridge, Jim Horn, Lonnie Steeves, 147-125; Dick Hall, Shane Baxter, Barry Hopkins, Mel McLay, 156-125; Brian Rogers, Bill Boulier, Keith Ashton, Charles Pushard, 148-125.

SKINS: Friday: gross, Matt Zito, Erik Fitch, Mark Susi, Andy Rollins, Tim Dow; net, Dave Thibodeau (2), Marty Crowe. Saturday: gross, Jeff Kent, Mike Norris, Rob Tiensivu, Gordon Goodwin; net, Brian Henderson, Joel Greatorex, Jim Chabot, Jonathan Bubier, Dick Hall.

PINS: Friday: Brad Robinson, #4, 8’6″; Ray Mountain, #6, 18’11”; Jeff Dutch, #9, 4’11”; Dave Barber, #15, 6’6″. Saturday: Lonnie Steeves, #4, 6’1″; Ralph Mooers, #6, 7’1″; Bob Kent, #9, 9’4″; Fred Warner, #15, 5’10”.

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