Over the years, homecoming at Leavitt has been a cross between the school uniting against other teams, but at the same time, students dividing into classes for the homecoming floats. We have pep rallies the day before homecoming to get pumped up, but afterwards, students are rushing to float meetings to construct a float that will beat the competition (the other classes in our school.)

So what’s the deal? What is homecoming really about?

According to Kara Boucher, a senior, “Homecoming is supposed to be about class spirit. People take it to other levels and turn it into a competition.” Many students, like Kara, felt as if we should be one school, rather than four divisions of the school on Homecoming.

“Homecoming is more about the sports. The floats just add spice,” says junior Natasha Varney.

Of course every class wants to be the winner and get the $100 prize, but is this the reason for such high competition amongst the students or is it something else?

Tim Stephenson believes, “It’s more of a competition for the underclassmen because it’s their chance to show up the upperclassmen.”

Evidently, the Freshmen took advantage of this point. They showed up with their impressive “Price is Right” float and stole 1st place and the $100 prize. The Juniors “Wheel of Fortune” came in 2nd place and got $75 for their great efforts.

The survey said that “Family Feud” would come up 3rd for the sophomores and get them $50. Finishing off the floats was the Seniors who would get 4th place and $25 for their float of “Deal or No Deal.”

“It was very competitive. School and class spirit were strong,” said freshman Nicole Smith.

The freshmen were excited about their win, but this caused some controversy with some of the other classes. Despite all the assumptions and rumors, the standings will hold where they are.

“Homecoming should be the gathering of classes as a whole; the separation comes at Winter Carnival!” Said a group of upperclassmen.

According to the people, it has been established that Homecoming, although very competitive, is more a warm up for the real main event, Winter Carnival. Freshmen have definitely made a statement with their float, and people are interested to see what they and all the classes have to bring to the table.

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