Saint Dom’s Video Game Club kicked off its’ first year with a great night of fun with snacks, pizza, and… you guessed it, video games. The library was filled with televisions, systems, games, and the 20 students that came to the first night. “I think it was really good, it could have used a little bit of fine tweaking, but overall it was good,” says Delton Hulbert, one of the presidents of the club, “I hope that we can get more members in the near future because it was a great success and I hope that more people will join and enjoy themselves as much as I did.” The Guitar Hero buttons were being pushed, the straps on the Wii remotes were securely around the wrists of gamers, and feet were moving rapidly to the techno tunes of Dance Dance Revolution as the night wore on. At the end of the evening the members of the club went home, already awaiting the next Video Game Night, when they will be able to play the ever so popular Halo 3 together. This night was an amazing start for the club, and they hope that it will just keep getting better.

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