I recently read “Military club to collect food.” (Aug. 30) It was stated Lewiston High School Cadet Club was going to the school’s upcoming football game to collect food for the food pantry. That was a great idea.

The corps gives opportunities for physical challenges, such as a ropes course, wilderness survival, mountain climbing, and target shooting, community service and college benefits. They also go on field trips to national parks. The ROTC is similar to the corps. It is led by high school teachers and a guidance counselor.

Some people disagree with the idea. They say we don’t need more military troops in Lewiston. I feel the corps is a great program. What is wrong about kids going into a military program, learning many different skills, helping the community, becoming responsible, getting college benefits and getting physically fit?

I don’t see anything wrong with a program that offers community service, physical education and other types of education. From my point of view, this is an awesome program! A football game is a great time to have a food drive, there are so many people there.

My father works at the Waterville Homeless Shelter. Like most homeless shelters, they need help. Yes, they get government funding, but not that much. If one just donated canned goods or even some old clothes, that would mean the world to some homeless person. People need to pitch in, instead of watching other people.

Get involved, don’t leave it all to the corps!

Jane Marston, Litchfield

Editor’s note: The author is an eighth-grade student at Carrie Ricker Middle School. Her letter was mistakenly omitted from a package of letters from the school, published on Oct. 21.

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