LEWISTON – Standings reported by the Independent Pocket Billiards League for the week of Oct. 25:

Division ‘BB’

Snipers (Schemengee’s) 60-20

Shark’s (Andy’s Baked Beans) 51-29

We’re Next (Derby Athletic Club) 49-31

Pocket Rockets (New Auburn Social) 43-37

Skrubs (Pastime Club) 37-43

Sand Baggers (Webber Ave. Club) 36-44

Show Me The $$$$ (Pastime Club) 28-52

Chain-Gang (Warden’s Bar & Grill) 18-64

Top record this week: Sharks, Skrubs, We’re Next 8-2

Division ‘B’

Past-Time Surprise (Pastime) 50-30

P.T. Cruisers (Pastime) 49-31

Road Warriors (Pastime) 39-41

Misfits (New Auburn) 39-41

The Duffers (Lewiston Elks) 39-41

Ball Breakers (New Auburn) 37-43

Party @ The Bing (Little Joe’s) 37-43

CCR (Carlton Club) 30-50

Top record this week: P.T. Cruisers 9-1

Division ‘CC’

Unstable (New Auburn) 54-26

Flying Eagles (Eagles 619) 51-29

It Don’t Matter (Derby Athletic) 44-36

Moose Knuckles (Little Joe’s) 39-41

Just Trying (American Legion 150) 36-44

Warden’s Lifers (Warden’s) 36-44

Dream Team (Pastime) 33-47

Budsters (Scoreboard Pub) 27-53

Top record this week: Warden’s Lifers, Budsters 8-2

Division ‘C’

Black Widowers (Derby Athletic) 57-23

Loco’s (South End Social) 49-31

Magic Balls (Schemengee’s) 49-31

Penetraitors (Derby Athletic) 48-32

Youngins (Pastime) 48-32

Mis-Q (Buddy T’s) 46-34

America’s Dream Team (American Legion 150) 41-39

Crazy Eights (Eagles 618) 37-33

Bull Dogs (Andy’s) 27-53

River Pirates (Club Texas) 25-55

Ball & Chains (Warden’s) 22-58

Texas Rangers (Club Texas) 21-49

Top record this week: Black Widowers, Mis-Q 10-0

40 Week: Jacob Bissonette, Rick France, Mickey Caron, Rene Charest, Dusty Federico, Greg Hobbs, Roland Caron, Al Palmer, Kathy Jalbert, Darryl Duval. R10-ERO: Scott Packard 2, Paul Dubois 2, Phil Walton, Rob James. S10-Ten Zeroes: George Palmer 2, Dennis Boucher, Alan Tripp, Roland Caron. E08: Jim MacDonald, Dusty Federico, Jim Gove. Players of the Week: Jacob Bissonette, Mickey Caron, Dusty Federico, Roland Caron

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