LEWISTON – Standings reported by the Central Maine Dart League for Week 9, ending Oct. 29:

A Division

NASC Dart Devils 67-21

NASC Fab 4 57-31

Screamin’ Eagles 54-34

Lefty’s Leftovers 52-36

Andy’s Sharks 38-50

Fastbreaks Have Darts, Will Travel 33-55

20M Thrashers 31-57

Fastbreaks Misfits 20-68

Top record this week: Dart Devils, Sharks 9-2

B West Division

LNC Lefty’s Longshots 52-36

NASC Wild Ones 52-36

20M Wing Bros. Notorious Crew 48-40

NASC Turkey Shooters 48-40

Fastbreaks Eliminators 43-45

The Cage Critical Mass 42-46

Lefty’s Bad News 34-54

SCA Falcons 33-55

Top record this week: Eliminators, Falcons 7-4.

B Division

Rack-M-Up Falcons 55-33

20M Thugs 55-33

Lefty’s Rats 53-35

Eagles Tasmanian Devils 49-39

Lefty’s Pit Crew 48-40

NASC Panthers 47-41

Rack M Up Tailspins 33-55

American Legion 158 #1 12-76

Top record this week: Tasmanian Devils 10-1.

C North Division

Andy’s Tiger Paws 66-22

NASC Attitudes 53-35

Big Daddy’s Crew 40-37

American Legion 158 34-54

Lefty’s Righties 31-46

Acme Annihilators 29-59

Top record this week: Tiger Paws, Crew 8-3.

C Division

Acme Aimless 59-29

20M Patriots 58-30

NASC Gypsies 49-39

Scoreboard Shooters 49-39

Derby Cruisers 25-63

Acme Road Runners 24-64

Top record this week: Patriots 8-3.

Hi Ton 140: Ryan Tripp, Jim Decker, Sarah Miller, Karen Bisson. Hi In 120: Paul Roy, Dave Hirsch. Hi Out 120: Dave Marston. Hi Ton 132: Bill Lord.

Note: All Big Daddy’s home games are now at Big Daddy’s (formerly Mason Jar).

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