Music is not just something to enjoy, it can also have an impact on your health. Lots of people are trying out something called Music Therapy. Music Therapy helps people with cancer, people with depression, and children with ADD. Some hospitals are using music therapy to ease pain, make people move, to calm people, and to loosen up muscles. It can also make you feel good and help you have a better attitude. Music affects the body and mind in interesting ways.

Some music with a fast beat can make the brain work faster and help concentration. If you listen to slow music, it is very relaxing and helps you to loosen up and meditate. It can also train your brain to change thinking speeds by itself when you want it to. When the brain is affected, so is the rest of the body, so if you have fast music, your heart may speed up. If it is a slow song, it can help prevent stress and depression. Music also makes people happy and ease anxiety and depression. It can help you be optimistic and figure out creative solutions, too. Music can also lower blood pressure, boost immunity, ease muscle tensions, and more. This new type of therapy is a very important tool because of all these benefits.

Music makes you feel relaxed and focused. Maybe that is the reason that so many people enjoy music and listen to it all the time. I know I am one of those people. Music helps me to relax and concentrate, which is why I think we should be allowed to listen to music in study hall. I think this is an accurate article, because I have experienced these effects. Many people I know would say the same.

I think that this can benefit the health of others, because if they try Music Therapy, they could feel the benefits and use it in their daily life. This is not a hard thing to do since you can just plug in your iPod, CD Player, WalkMan, or maybe even your record player. You don’t even have to focus on the music, just turn it on and let your brain do it’s thing. Teens especially like to listen to music, and can sometimes have a lot of stress. This information could help them use music as a tool and help them focus.

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