The Sun Journal article, “The business of war,” (Oct. 28) disturbed me. Sure, Maine companies are profiting from the Iraq debacle. Those $200 billion appropriations that President Bush demands from Congress every six months have to go somewhere. Besides feeding and housing the troops, supplies have to be bought.

And how about the huge, no-bid contracts that go to Blackwater and other mercenary outfits?

Maybe Erik Prince, chief executive officer of Blackwater, can be enticed to open up a training facility in Maine, as he has in North Carolina, or California. There are real money and jobs in that.

How about the fact that the president chides the Democrats for their S-CHIP bill to fund children’s health insurance in Maine and the rest of the United States.

Is the future in grenade launchers, machine guns and other war-making instruments, or in the health and well-being of Maine’s children?

Where are this state’s priorities?

We need a local economy; but how about a local economy with a future besides war-making? The future of war making is killing and I, for one, am sick of it.

Edward Ferreira, New Sharon

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