LEWISTON – State and city police investigators spent Sunday trying to narrow the search for a pregnant woman missing since Oct. 23.

Lewiston police, state police troopers and about 60 civilian search and rescue volunteers fanned out across the city Sunday, looking in out-of-the-way places for any clue to the whereabouts of 38-year-old Donna Paradis.

“We had no areas in particular and no information to suggest Donna Paradis was in any harm or danger,” said Lewiston police Sgt. David St. Pierre, head of the department’s Criminal Investigation Division. “We just wanted to eliminate many specifically remote places in the Lewiston-Auburn area where someone could have gone or we could have found something.”

By the end of the day, searchers were focusing on a wooded lot beyond the western dead end of Rosedale Street, south of the Promenade Mall.

St. Pierre said searchers found some interesting items, but did not know if they belonged to Paradis.

“We’ve collected those items and we’re going to review them to see if there is any possibility that they could be related to our missing person,” he said. “Anywhere we’ve searched we’ve found things, like trash that have been dumped. We don’t know if any of it is involved, and we’ve picked it up so we can more closely examine it.”

Searchers will continue working in that same area today, St. Pierre said.

“We will definitely be back where we were today,” St. Pierre said. “It’s hard to say, until we pull out these items and really look at them. They are items we are interested in, but we need to determine if there is any correlation with Donna Paradis.”

Police said Paradis was last seen Oct. 23 when she left a job at an East Avenue telemarketing company. Police have questioned co-workers at Affiliated Computer Services as well as those at the Sun Journal, where Paradis worked nights.

Paradis does not own a car, according to those who know her. She often walked to work, but avoided Kennedy Park at night. Occasionally, she took a city bus from her her job at ACS back to downtown Lewiston. She typically got rides home from co-workers at the end of her shift.

Police were contacted Oct. 23 by her ex-husband, Thomas Paradis, who lives in the area. Investigators have spoken with him as well as with Paradis’ two children in an effort to locate her.

Paradis has daughters 12 and 17 years old whom she lives with at 143 Pierce St. Friends said she is seven months pregnant and that she is typically faithful about letting her family know when there will be a change to her routine.

Police agencies across Maine and around the country have been advised of the disappearance. Investigators were asking that anyone with information call Lewiston police at 513-3138 or their local police department.

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