POLAND – Veterans’ Day Scramble: 1. Ed Newcomb/Rob Bilodeau/Bill Burroughs/Muriel Burroughs -12; 2. Bob Marquis/Matt Landry/Geoff Newsom/Rick Gilbert, -10; 3. Jace Pearson/Larry Godin/Jamie Godin/Matt Carroll, -9.

Pins, No. 2, Mark Moran Jr. 1-6, Ron Bilodeau 5-4, Bill Burroughs 7-1; No. 8, Gary Lapointe 11-2 1/2, Fred Rubino 11-4, Joe Walp 14-1; No. 11, Bob Spencer 4-7, Bob Marquis 11-3, Billy Webber 11-10; No. 13, Gary Lapointe 12-5, Steve Scotia 18-5, Bill Burroughs 19-10.


LEEDS – Veterans’ Day Invitational: Net, Brad Pattershall 66, Rita Howard 66, JIm Fennessy 68, Laurie Gifford 68, Rick Shea 68, Todd Gifford 69; Gross, Fred Warner 80, Trent Murphy 81, Sid Cohen 82.

Pins, No. 2, Sid Cohen 37-0; No. 8, Brad Pattershall 11-2; No. 13, Gerry Laroche 7-6; No. 15, Brad Pattershall 4-6.

Net skins, Gerry Laroche, Todd Gifford, Trent Murphy; Gross skins, Dan Parent, Gerry Laroche, Brad Pattershall, Trent Murphy.

Turkey Two-Ball, blind draw: Gross, Rick Newbauer/Trent Murphy 76; Net, Rick Shea/Gerry Laroche 63. Pins, No. 2, Gerry Laroche 19-2; No. 8, Tim Mynahan 20-1; No. 13, Trent Murphy 45-0; No. 15, Brad Pattershall 19-11.

Net skins, Gerry Laroche, Sid Cohen; Gross skins, Dave Morin, Sid Cohen, Scott Bubier, Gerry Laroche 2, Tim Mynahan 2.

Maine State Golf Association

BOOTHBAY HARBOR – Maine State Golf Association tournament results from Boothbay Country Club, Nov. 9-10: A Flight, Gross, Scott Dewitt 73, Mark Plummer 73, Mike Norris 75; Net, Jeff Corson 70, Jeff Chapman 72, John Johnson 72. B Flight, Gross, Larry Eldridge 79, Ron Leighton 82, Lou Lepage 84; Net, Bob Farthing 64, Dave Dunham 67, Tom Smith 70. Super Seniors, Gross, Lowell Watson 76; Net, Tony Linkovich 74.

Four-ball, Gross, Tom Bean/Scott Dewitt/Lowell Watson/Jason Gall 62, Mike Norris/Larry Eldrisdge/Greg Black/Roy Leighton 63; Net, Bob Farthing/Greg McCormack/John Driscoll/Bob Libby 56, Ned Gribbin/Jeff Corson/Paul Young/Rick Doane 56, Mark Boivin/Bob Tweedie/Ken Belcher/Dave Dunham 58.

Gross skins, Jack Milo, Dave Dunham’ Net skins, Ken Belcher, Craig Pride. Friday pins, Ashley Fifield, Tom Bean, Ron Greco, Ned Gribbin; Saturday pins, Jim Dorrington, Larry Eldridge, Charlie Herrick, Tom Burnham.

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