LEWISTON – League high scores from Spare Time Recreation for the week of November 10:

Ladies: Janine Champagne 217, Ellie Douglass 207, Mona Parrish 203.

Public Service: Bob Vallee 253, Jim Lyons 249, Scott Gagne 249.

NASCAR: Brandon Marcotte 235, Chuck Mollica 232, Matt Carroll 210.

Odd Couples: Mark Fortier 256, Eric Smith 254, Gene Paradis 246.

Monday Night Mixed: Steve Nickey 246, Jason Nadeau 2450, George St. Amand 237.

Industrial Park: Bill Gyorfi 269, Tom Giberti Jr. 267, Adam Jordon 264.

Mamas and Papas: Scott Moore 268, Wayne Bryant 268, Mike Edgecomb 265.

Friday Night Mixed: Dave Stetson 235, John Cyr 234, Scott Grant 214.

FNBD: Roland Dostie 278, Scott Gagne 249, Mike Peaco 246.

Charlie’s Mixed: Derek Webb 248, Paul Bissonnette 233, Reggie Dubois 227.

Northwood Park: Greg Karkos 236, James Goulding III 235, Tom Giberti Sr. 224.

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