“Not doing homework is the cause of many freshman failures at Lisbon High School,” according to Mrs. Kaleele Sarkis-Ahlers an eighth grade teacher at Philip W. Sugg Middle School in Lisbon. In an effort to change this situation, Mrs. Sarkis-Ahlers and her eighth grade math class took it upon themselves to do something about it. Mrs. Sarkis-Ahlers shares “Students are working on a report about all types of things related to homework. How much homework should be given? What type of homework should be given? How does homework affect your sleep? How does homework affect your school work, and the big question is, are the teachers at Lisbon High School giving too much of a good thing?” Every Tuesday and Thursday during the eighth grade lunch period the eighth grade math class meets to do research on the subject questions. After students are finished with their research they will present the findings to the high school Principal, Ken Healey, the Board of Education, and Superintendent Shannon Welsh. Watch for future Advocate article from this reporter for the results of the research. For more information on the project contact Philip W. Sugg Middle School at 353-3055 or contact the Advocate Advisor, Monica Millhime by emailing [email protected]

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