This is in response to a column by JoAn Karkos (Nov. 18) regarding the book she took out of the Lewiston library titled, “It’s Perfectly Normal.” She states that she “thinks” teen sex is killing our kids. That is an understatement as there is documented proof that teen sex is killing our kids.

Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician, states in her book “Epidemic,” that Americans are asleep while there is an epidemic of our kids dying of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, suicides, etc. I believe this is because of the early introduction of sex-ed in school with little emphasis on abstinence education and the dangers of becoming sexual before the child is ready.

The sexual education information used in schools to indoctrinate youth and the efforts to withhold information from parents stems from Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has written the script for “SEICUS” (Sex Education/ Information for Children in the U.S.). We need to root out this corrupt SEICUS curriculum.

Some school administrators in Maine have refused to allow Planned Parenthood to pass out condoms and birth control. I have read if a nurse or other in authority know a student needs help regarding sexual issues, they recommend parents take them to their doctor. These leaders are models for what is needed in Maine.

I commend Ms. Karkos for her courage in bringing this issue to the public’s attention. She has managed to get this issue out so we can take action to protect our children.

Carolyn M. Gilman, Gorham

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