FARMINGTON – Mt. Blue Youth Cheering recently held its 2007 Awards Night at the high school. Cheerleaders and coaches were treated to a pizza party served by members of the Farmington Emblem Club No. 460. Awards immediately followed in the gym.

Each team had an opportunity to demonstrate a cheer for the audience. Awards were presented by coaches and Emblem Club president Nancy Chase.

Team personnel:

Bobcats – Morgon-Ashli Macomber, Myla Kinsey, Haylee Halman, Abby Wallace, Chelse Macomber, Britnie Strout, Natalie Wood, Makayla Dumont, Chelsea Russell, Emma Hayward, Samantha Farmer, Kasadle Barker, Coaches Sabrina Macomber and Amanda Barker.

Lynx – Valerianne Hinkley, Mackenzie Harris, Kayleigh Morse, Icie Haines, Maryann Ladd, Emily McHugh. Morgan Letarte, Nichole Decker, Lindzee Ridley, Taylor Collins, Jazmine Gorman, Selah Sondrol, Lily Meehan, Kristen Davis, Kristen Kerr, Coach Angela Whelpey.

Patriots – Ashley Bouchard, Samantha Hinkley, Sarah Keith, Jenna Presby, Oceanna Jasper, Mikayla Brown, Nicole Osborne, Roberta Kennedy, Kasey Givens, Rileigh Blanchet, Landon Wilbur, Coaches Jessica Terpeney, Tamara Osborne.

Giants – Brooklynn Pease, Brooke Lake, Jenna Bullen, RyLeigh Macomber, Mandi Currier (captain), Danika Savage (captain), Mara Macomber, Samantha Matteson, Christy Lewis, Brandi Harris, Coaches Jen Macomber and Kamaran Currier.

Mt. Blue Middle School Panthers – Alexis Howard (captain), Juliette Luchini (captain), Megan Burdic, Caley Miranda, Linette Langlois, Macey Smith, Autumn Vining, Dennifer Osborne, Kalie Prestridge, Lauren Burnham, Shauna Danforth, Brittany Rowe, Marissa Swain, Laura Dunham, Coaches Shelly Howard and Judy Burdic.

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