Writing is not only a good form of expression, but scientists are now saying that keeping a journal is also beneficial for your health. Penning your feelings, whether they be happy, sad, or angry, is like confiding in a trusting friend, because you know that they will never tell so you can write however you feel. Also, depending on the way you write, it might make you think about the things that you value and help organize what’s happening. Not only is journaling good for your emotional health, but also for your physical health as well. If you’re stressed, then writing will release your emotions, which is good because stress can affect your vulnerability to disease.

A scientific study of 112 asthmatics (Asthma is a disease which affects the lungs by causing irritation and tightening of your airways.) and rheumatoid arthritics (Rheumatoid arthritis causes chronic inflammation of a person’s joints, and possibly nearby tissue.) were asked to write about the most stressful thing that had ever occurred in their lives for a full twenty minutes every day for three days. Nearly half of the people had considerable improvement in their conditions.

Some people might have issues getting started with journaling. Think of things that stress you. Topics might include school, parents, friends, future plans, or sports. These things can all be stresses, so it’s good to get your feelings out about them. If you feel uncomfortable with releasing some of these emotions, just remember that you’ll feel better after you get it on the page.

I think that journaling is an absolutely wonderful idea! For myself, I prefer writing fiction stories, but after reading this article I believe that I shall start journaling and see where it gets me. I personally know that writing fiction stories can help me relax and transfer my own emotions into the story, but actually writing about the problems will help me lower stress levels in my own body.

Not only would this help me, but I also think that girls my age have a lot to deal with, so if they could lower their stress levels, they would probably do better in things like school and sports. Also, I think that if you were under pressure and stress constantly, that you would eventually sink into depression. Journaling would help tense teens let out the trials of growing up. Or even if some was already in depression, writing could lift them out of it. Depressed people don’t even have to write a journal entry: they could do a poem instead, because poetry is another great form of expression.

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