The tree cutting in front of the Rumford Municipal Building was a good idea but poorly planned by the people involved. The men expected praise and thanks, instead they are being threatened with prosecution “to the full extent of the law” by the chairman of the board of selectmen.

It strikes me as poor planning as the “culprits” didn’t have enough equipment to do the job, as they had to call on the public works department for a clean up crew. The offenders should have had a vehicle with them that would have been strong to “twitch” the trees to a vacant lot, so they could clean them up at their leisure.

The Sun Journal had to get involved with an inflammatory editorial calling for punishment for the “culprits” for cutting two trees condemned to the chainsaw by the town manager and selectmen, inciting the townspeople to anger and hard feelings against perpetrators of this dastardly act, instead of letting it die of disinterest.

I think they deserve praise for getting involved. If the subject were left out of the limelight it would die quietly.

The town manager, selectmen, public works and all others involved should find other things to occupy their minds, like finding a place other than the steps of the municipal building for people to smoke.

Patrons doing town business shouldn’t have to inhale their stale smoke when going in and out of the building.

I think the building looks better without the trees hiding the front.

Ralph Papasadora, Rumford

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