Merry Christmas. Funny how two words can brighten one’s mood or ruin it.

With Christmas approaching, I wonder what way the politically correct will try to change Christmas now? How will they strip the essence from Christmas for those who truly believe in the miracle?

I am offended with the suggestion of changing “Christmas tree” to “holiday tree.” Some Christians follow the idea for fear of offending. Some attending tonight’s tree lighting ceremony wonder if the tree will be referred to as a “Christmas” or “holiday” tree. The tree is a time-honored Christmas tradition; has been for centuries.

To the best of my knowledge, in this modern age, other faiths are not told to rename their symbols. I am bothered that it is expected of my own Christianity.

People who celebrate the season but not the religious aspect of Christmas should appreciate that some of the recipients of their good will (i.e., gifts and/or cards) consider Christmas to be a religious holiday. It is not required to convert to let Christians have Christmas. It is the Christian holiday of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The holiday is Christmas. The tree is a Christmas tree.

I am offended that non-Christians are trying to remove the theology behind my celebrations. I do not want to remove articles of faith from other religions. Please let me have mine.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Season’s greetings. And all the rest.

Nancy T. Ingerson, Lewiston

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