My heart goes out to the family and friends of Tyler Curtis, a young man who twice served this great nation in a capacity that brought him to an unimaginable state of hell and misery.

I love this nation, and I honor and respect all those who serve and live in harm’s way daily, but what a waste of a young life for reasons that I don’t believe the public will ever truly know.

I had never met Mr. Curtis, nor have I met his family, but I want to tell them that he is as much a war hero as anyone who is killed by a bomb blast, or any other means that led to death in a war.

I hope that, in time, God will grant his survivors some peace of mind, and comfort them with the knowledge that he is not in pain any more. I hope that they can find pride in the fact that he did serve this nation and made the ultimate sacrifice.

I especially want to send condolences to his mom. I have met mothers who have lost their children, and it seems that mothers, above all, never get over the loss. I certainly hope that, in time, she does find a way to move ahead.

I can only pray for all of the family and friends, and that I will do. Tyler is a hero, and his memory should be honored, and I will honor his memory forever.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston

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