LEWISTON – Week 1 results for Lewiston Recreation Grade School basketball:


Farwell Bobcats vs. Montello
– Leading scorer: Victoria Crenshaw, Montello; Coaches’ Awards: Maegan Mathon (Bobcats), Meghan Girouard (Montello); Hustle: Paige Young (Bobcats), Jenessa Talarico (Montello); Sportsmanship: Casey Brochu (Bobcats), Keileigh Belanger (Montello).

Trinity Blue vs. Pettengill Blue – Leading scorers: Emily Bolduc (Trinity), Olivia Norton (Pettengill); Coaches’ Awards: Emily Bolduc, Caprice Quinn (Pettengill) Hustle: Callie Greco (Trinity), Nadine Jones (Pettengill); Sportsmanship: Hannah Carr (Trinity), Brianna Theriault (Pettengill).

McMahon Tigers vs. Trinity White – Leading scorers and coaches’ awards: Sydney Mourey (McMahon), Brooke Reynolds (Trinity); Hustle, Morgan Bowen (McMahon), Jessica Alden (Trinity); Sportsmanship, Norah Schlax (McMahon), Margaret Fogarty (Trinity).


Farwell Blue vs. Martel Light Green – Leading scorers and coaches’ awards: Alex Malakoff (Farwell), Brandon Roy (Martel); Hustle: Chad Hinkley (Farwell), Max Bristol (Martel); Sportsmanship, Marcus Talarico (Farwell), Brendon Venable (Martel).

Montello Red vs. Martel Dark Green – Leading scorers: Abdibari Hersi (Montello), Isiah Harris (Martel); Coaches’ Awards: Awad Ali (Montello), Ryan Bell (Martel); Hustle: Austin LaRue (Montello), Elijah Harris (Martel); Sportsmanship: Tyler Palmer (Montello), Sean Baxter (Martel).

McMahon Black vs. Trinity – Leading scorers: Kyle Morin (McMahon) vs. Andrew Gosselin (Trinity); Coaches’ Awards: Chris Brown (McMahon), Brandon Binette (Trinity); Hustle: Kyle Morin (McMahon), Andrew Gosselin (Trinity); Sportsmanship: Tyler Parent (McMahon), Madison Jalbert (Trinity).

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