Board: Turner selectmen

Met: Monday night

FPL lease

The Issue: Selectmen and Planning Board members have heard Florida Power and Light’s proposal to spiff up the Center Bridge Road launching ramp area and then lease it to the town for $1,500 per year. Besides the lease amount, maintenance and groundskeeping would be the town’s responsibility.

Up next: “We’ll probably put some money in the budget for the proposal, about $1,500, and then put it before the voters in the spring,” Town Manager Eva Leavitt said. Even if voters approve the lease, Leavitt said “it will be some time” before the utility makes the improvements.

Permit fees

The scoop: It’s not much, but the town has a new municipal revenue stream. Every commercial building that goes up or is renovated will have to ante up a $60 permit fee for the first 1,000 square feet, followed by $10 per additional 1,000 square feet of business space. The fee is one example of policies that are out of date, Leavitt said. While some permit fees simply were dated, others had no assigned fee at all.

Christmas Eve

The scoop: Board members voted to close Town Hall for the entire day on Dec. 24, but will reopen for business on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

Town meeting

The scoop: The annual town meeting will be held Friday, April 4, for local elections and the open meeting will be held the next day, April 5. The location and hours of the meeting are yet to be determined.

Potential land purchase

The scoop: Town officials are considering buying a small parcel of land adjacent to the existing town office building. The .15-acre parcel is sandwiched between the current municipal office and the municipal boat ramp. It’s small, but “we’re just looking down the road for landscaping and (recreational) purposes,” Leavitt said. She is scheduled to speak with the property’s owner, Lynette Rossignol, to set a purchase price.

Truck wanted

Issue: The town’s fleet of emergency vehicles is too big, so fire Chief Mike Arsenault is looking for new vehicles that can serve more than one purpose. The goal is to reduce the fleet’s overall size, and with it the maintenance, fuel and operating budget. The vehicle in question is a 25-year-old International truck. The preference is for used equipment first. “We’re looking at units that might function in more than one capacity,” said Leavitt. “We’re not committed to a purchase; we’re just looking and researching,” she added.

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