Have you ever thought you wanted to do one thing but something else as well? Well that’s what children are stressing over with all the activities that are accessible at their schools. Its a lot of pressure on everyone’s shoulders, even the parents of middle school students. If the kids go home stressed, the parents get the pressure pressed upon them as well while they are trying to help their children out.

The good thing about all the activities is that anyone and everyone can join. Activities at our school are all so fun filled and enjoyed by others. Some just want to join the fun and try new things. Anything you are interested in even if you’ve never participated in it before, go right ahead.

Me, on the other hand, had this same exact dilemma. I wanted to do chorus, Academic Advocate, field hockey, and cross country. But they all run into each other at one point. Like during sustained silent reading there is chorus and Academic Advocate which are sometimes on the same day. Also the teachers should balance out the homework. So if you have an away game you don’t have to stay up until midnight then get up at five to go to school again. Everybody needs their rest. Right? This is precisely going towards the students who have to work all day at school then do homework or a sport. If you ask anyone who plays a sport or is a parent of a kid that plays a sport they will all say the same thing, “It’s ridiculous and if you don’t get your homework in on time then you get a red stamp which no one wants”. It does get tiring after a while with the same schedule everyday with no sleep. Stress is like a rerun of your least favorite show and it never goes away. It’s flowing through your body like adrenaline should, but it’s overworking your body to the max.

But trust me, you’ll get through it one way or another. If you have to, slow your pace down and not do so many things at once. In the long run it is good for your record if you’ve accomplished different things while in school. You could get a scholarship from playing a sport, like if you did basketball or an activity like that, in which you could pursue it later on in life.

I hope this has led you to an understanding of the obstacles in a middle school student’s daily life. If it hasn’t, think real hard and talk to your kids when they come home from school. Even when you ask them how their day was, they usually say good, right? Wrong, they just say that to get you off from their back. You as a parent should ask them more questions, like what’s one good thing that happened at school today? Urge them to speak their mind and get their feelings out so you can, as a parent understand the pressure of being in school again.

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