I could feel my horses hooves beating down making the ground shake. Things beside me became a total blur. I was in my own little world. I felt my horse’s body move beneath me as we ran faster than anyone could ever imagine. My legs had a death grip on the saddle, I convinced myself I would never let go. Faster, faster, all that lay ahead of us was the hard, cold ground. Things that happened in the real world didn’t even exist. I was numb, my body was numb, my mind was a total blank. I sat down hard on the saddle and the horse slowed down.

Things around me started to make sense, the colors of my surroundings started to blend and make realistic figures. The horse finally came to a halt and I sat there. 15 minutes went by. I sat there looking at the plain fields. It was cold outside, cold enough to see my breath in front of me. My face was pale and my hands were frozen, so frozen I couldn’t abate my grip on the reins.

I could hear my horse breathing heavily. The sides of her stomach were rapidly moving in and out, trying to catch up to the regular pace of her breathing. A smile spread across my once expressionless face. I lightly tapped my heels against her stomach and we started to walk towards our destination. I had a great feeling in my head that spread throughout my body. Now that, I thought, was a perfect ride.

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