FRYEBURG – A local man upset over Poland Spring’s withdrawal of millions of gallons of water from an aquifer is holding his own version of the Boston Tea Party this weekend.

Howard Dearborn says he’ll be dumping Poland Spring water back into Lovewell Pond, and he’s offering $10 to the first 50 people who join him Saturday.

Dearborn, a local business owner, lives on Lovewell Pond. He says natural springs that feed the pond have gone dry since Poland Spring began withdrawing water.

Mark Dubois, a natural resource manager with Poland Spring, says he hasn’t seen any evidence supporting the claims.

Dubois said he believes Dearborn is responding to Poland Spring opening an office for resident concerns in Fryeburg. The office also offers bottled water rewards to people who correctly answer trivia questions.

The allegations that Lovewell Pond is harmed are “not based in any fact,” Dubois said.

“If I’m in the area, I will certainly be there,” Dubois said of Saturday’s event.

What does he plan to do there?

“Getting 10 bucks from Howard,” Dubois said.

He said people can pick up a case of Poland Spring water at local grocery stores for 15 to 20 cents a bottle.

If he’s early enough, he can make a big profit by pouring one bottle out, Dubois said.

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