This is a response to Ellen Field’s letter (Nov. 30) who was “bored and annoyed” by my frequent letters. She stated no facts or specifics. She quoted a number of words and phrases I have not used. She called it “hate-mongering” to point out to readers what has happened. She cited no inaccuracies.

In my Nov. 24 letter, I expressed my opinion about the current conditions of Maine, indicating that the Democrats have had a voting majority for 30 years in the Legislature and, therefore, could pass any legislation they wished. One can logically conclude the current conditions that exist are largely the result of their legislative policies.

Having served in the Legislature for eight years, I can attest to the party loyalty the Democrats gather, sometimes by intimidation of its members, to vote as a bloc to crush any good legislation that does not fit their plan. It was particularly dismaying to see excellent, nonpartisan legislation defeated because there seemed to be a desire to not allow a Republican to get any credit.

So, if people like the way it is, vote for Democrats. Our roads, health insurance regulations, tax structure, welfare system and wasteful spending all need immediate attention. I know the Republicans can do better. But even if they become the majority, they will not be able to undo the current mess immediately, since it took 30 years to create it.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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