Results of the grade school basketball league (scores unavailable)


Trinity Catholic: Lead scorer – Eric Ulin; Coach award – Cameron Raymond; Hustle – Michael Bryant; Sportsmanship – Ben Sawyer.

Montello Red: Lead scorer – Shueb Rashid; Coach award – Austin LaRue; Hustle – Ben Howell; Sportsmanship – Daid Akok.

Martel Dark Green: Lead scorer – Isiah Harris; Coach award – Elizah Harris; Hustle – Isiah Harris; Sportsmanship – Devin Michaud.

Farwell Gold: Lead scorer – Nicholas Belanger; Coach award – Andrew MoKumobi; Hustle – Ryan Skillings; Sportsmanship – Nathan Freve.


Farwell Bobcats: Lead scorer – Maegan Mathon; Coach award – Mikaela Brown; Hustle – Jessica Cote; Sportsmanship – Michelle Walton.

McMahon Tigers: Lead scorer – Morgan Bowen; Coach award – Andrea Hamel; Hustle – Paige Clabby; Sportsmanship – Morgan Bowen.

Pettingill White: Lead scorer – Kerseyanne Goyette; Coach award – Loretta Rice; Hustle – Olivia Grimmer; Sportsmanship – Brooke Stevenson.

Trinity White: Lead scorer – Margaret Fogarty, Brooke Reynolds; Coach award – Alaina Dyer; Hustle – Jessica Alden; Sportsmanship – Margaret Fogarty.

Pettingill Blue: Lead scorer – Caprice Quinn, Megan Cullins; Coach award – Desirae Roy; Hustle – Erin Morris; Sportsmanship – Victoria Desjardins.

Martel: Lead scorer – none; Coach award – Emily Payne; Hustle – Courtney Marquis; Sportsmanship – Lauren Lecompte.

Aubun Rec

Practice schedule for Auburn Men’s basketball League at Hasty CC gym:

Monday, Dec. 10

7:45 p.m.: Shooters (Court A); Pike (B).

9 p.m.: White Rock (A); Lewiston Pawn (B)

Tuesday, Dec. 11

7:45 p.m.: Discount Daves (A); Rocky Mt. Oysters (B)

9 p.m.: ESM (A); LA Orphans (B).

Wednesday, Dec. 12

7:45 p.m.: First Stringers (A); Insomniacs (B).

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