My most sincere condolences to Tyler Curtis’ family.

I am a parent whose son has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder upon his return from a tour in Iraq. Soon, his 14-year investment in a promising military career will come to an end because he is being medically discharged from the Army. During a five-month period in 2006, four soldiers (all served in Iraq with my son), committed suicide while several soldiers, including my son, have made attempts.

The Army says that my son’s services are no longer needed, and that he is unfit to lead and participate in combat. He recently shared his feelings with me stating that he has let his country down. I responded, “Son, our leaders have let you down.”

Our government needs to stop looking the other way and acknowledge the long term impact that our returning soldiers, families and country are enduring.

We must smarten up and get out of Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, and start taking care of our own.

Patricia Grondin, Auburn

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