We are students at Mount Blue Middle School, and we are learning about alcohol abuse in health class. We have found some information about alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is illegal for anyone under the age of 21.

Teenagers can become alcoholics four to five times quicker than anybody over 21.

Even moderate use of alcohol can be bad for a person’s brain.

Because the brain is affected when a person drinks, alcohol is a major cause of teen injuries and/or death. In fact, it is the cause of most accidents and deaths of teens due to drunken driving.

One of the consequences of underage drinking is there can be a minimum fine of $500.

If a teen just got his or her license, we understand it could be lost for six months.

Drinking and driving has a high rate of death and/or injury, and it can kill other people. It would be difficult to live with the consequences of knowing that drinking and driving caused someone else’s death. That person didn’t do anything wrong but is dead because someone was drinking and driving. We would hate to live with that.

There are plenty of other ways to have fun than to drink.

We hope people will drink responsibly.

Ryan Flanagan, Farmington

Max Richard, Farmington

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