The major presidential candidates often talk about universal health care, but most of them ignore the best solution. The time has come to expand Medicare to cover all Americans. We need universal single-payer health care now, and H.R. 676 would do just that.

The only way to make health insurance affordable for everyone is to take insurance companies out of the equation and finance coverage with a single payer – the federal government. People would get a card, go to the doctor that they choose, and never get a bill. It is really that simple. It already works well for seniors with Medicare. It will work well for everyone in the United States, regardless of their age.

Major industrialized countries around the world have already seen the light on health care, but U.S. insurance companies want to keep the public in the dark to safeguard their excessive profits.

How long must millions of Americans continue to suffer needlessly without health insurance coverage, or with coverage that is too expensive?

How long will working men and women have to worry about losing their health insurance if they lose their jobs?

Single-payer health insurance is the only way for the people in this country to get the care they need at a price they can afford to pay.

Robert A. Burns, Auburn

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