LEWISTON – League high scores from Spare Time Recreation for the week ending Dec. 12:

Ladies: High game scratch, individual: Mona Parrish 244; High series scratch, individual: Ellie Douglass, 614; High game scratch, team: Dead River 714; High series scratch, team: Crunch Time 2,043; High average: Ellie Douglass 184.

Public service: High game scratch, individual: Ken Moore, Brandon Marcotte 278; High series scratch, individual: Bob Robitaille 731; High game scratch, team: Stone’s Pet Shop 1,163; High series scratch, team: Fournier’s Construction 3,227; High average: Brandon Marcotte 221.

NASCAR: High game scratch, individual: Brandon Marcotte 267, Debbie Pelletier 196; High series scratch, individual: Joel Busler 708, Sue Towns 509; High game scratch, team: Wildcats 846; High series scratch, team: Gear Grinders 2,328; High average: Brandon Marcotte 218, Kim Eells 150.

Odd Couples: High game scratch, individual: Dan Boilard, Cathy Bickford 257; High series scratch, individual: Gene Paradis 774, Sue Carr 655; High game scratch, team: Who R You 748; High series scratch, team: Fire In The Hole 2,546; High average: Gene Paradis 222, Cathy Bickford 198.

Monday Night Mixed: High game scratch, individual: Jeff St. Pierre 280, Ruby Goupil 216; High series scratch, individual: Steve Nickey 724, Vicky Roy 530; High game scratch, team: Split Happens 793; High series scratch, team: Fab Four 2,170; High average: Steve Hickey 208, Ruby Goupil 168.

Industrial Park: High game scratch, individual: Paul Roy Jr. 300; High series scratch, individual: Derek Webb 746; High game scratch, team: Five Star Graphics 1,178; High series scratch, team: TSQRD 3,291; High average: Brandon Marcotte.

Mamas and Papas: High game scratch, individual: Wayne Bryant 289, Sue Carr 231, Gloria Thibodeau 231; High series scratch, individual: Scott Moore 719, Anita Morin 607; High game scratch, team: Crazy Eights 875; High series scratch, team: Split Decision 2,265; High average: Scott Moore 221, Sue Carr 186.

Friday Night Mixed: High game scratch, individual: Bill Gosselin 275, Missy Gosselin 267; High series scratch, individual: Scott Grant 699, Pauline Bosse 563, Heather Grant 563; High game scratch, team: Wizards 857; High series scratch, team: Buddy T’s 2,249; High average: Scott Grant 210, Missy Gosselin 171.

FNBD: High game scratch, individual: Mike Thibault, Roland Dostie 278; High series scratch, individual: Mike Peaco 770; High game scratch, team: Bergeron’s 859; High series scratch, team: Buddy T’s 2,514; High average: Mike Peaco 227.

Charlie’s Mixed: High game scratch, individual: Derek Webb 300, Diane Dubois 256; High series scratch, individual: Adam Jordan 790, Denise Blanchette 526; High game scratch, team: The Four Amigos 805; High series scratch, team: Survivors 2,237; High average: Derek Webb 210, Diane Dubois 164.

Northwood Park: High game scratch, individual: Bob Rolston 266; High series scratch, individual: James Goulding III 746; High game scratch, team: G.N.C. Landscaping 1,002; High series scratch, team: Three Fingers Deep 2,882; High average: James Goulding III 220.

Morning Seniors: Top individuals, Phil Marquis 244, Bernie Barnard 240, Wally Wallace 239, Dick Harris 235, Bert Godin 227, Ray Blair 213, Kim Combs 211, Val Asselin 193, Jackie Lajoie 190, Irene Poulin 189. High average, Bert Godin 185, Alberta Bonenfant 139.

Notes from the lanes:
Adam Jordan bowled a 212-299-279-790 scratch series.

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