As the most recent addition to the Artemis Fowl series, this book was enjoyable and fast-paced. Artemis finally finds a rival genius close to his age, a twelve-year old girl named Minerva. The main theme of the story is demons, and how the time spell that had been protecting their island is slowly unraveling. Artemis has researched his targets well, and is now attempting to capture a demon when it arrives on Earth.

Holly Short, and elf who has helped Artemis in the past, has quit her job of working with the Fairy recon and is now partnered with Mulch Diggums, a dwarf who has also had dealings with Artemis. They are both recruited by a top secret organization that is also researching the demons, so once again Holly, Mulch, and Artemis are working together.

However, a power-hungry demon, a hit-man, and an unpredictable time spell make things difficult for the team. Will they save the Fairy world from exposure, or even save the human world from the murderous demons? Read this book, the heart-racing publication that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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