To add to the Dec. 13, 2007 editorial (Wishing for winter warmth from Washington), I would like to suggest a proposed revocation of the state and federal fuel taxes paid when purchasing oil.

Rather than spending so much time and money on further programs which seem to help so few, the revocation of the fuel tax would help everybody. It isn’t only a problem for low-income families, but people who have hit hard times may not have the money to support their cost of fuel as well.

Also, home weatherization costs money as well. Rather than being in a hardship with many Mainers unable to pay for fuel, they are told to better weatherize their homes. This costs a lot, with the price of oil.

The government, rather than trying to come up with another program to help the few, maybe they should think about the whole, rather than to waste more money on more programs that are obsolete before they are implemented.

Matthew Charrette, Litchfield

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