LEWISTON – Lewiston Department of Recreation Grade School Basketball results for the week of Dec. 17-20. The department does not report final scores:


Farwell Blue vs. McMahon Gold – Leading scorers: Farwell, Chad HInkley and Alex Nazaroff; McMahon, Aaron Jay. Coach’s Award: Farwell, Alex Nazaroff; McMahon, Derek Montminy. Hustle: Farwell, Chad Hinkley; McMahon, Aaron Jay. Sportsmanship: Farwell, Ben Lowit; McMahon, Chris Hazelton.

Montello Blue vs. Martel Dark Green – Leading scorers: Montello, Mohamed Mohamed; Martel, Isiah Harris. Coach’s Award: Montello, Matt Hudson; Martel, Isiah Harris. Hustle: Montello, Zachary Bartshe; Martel, Ryan Bell. Sportsmanship: Montello, Mohamed Mohamed; Martel, Kyle Billings.

Trinity Catholic vs. Martel Light Green – Leading scorers: Trinity, Andrew Gosselin; Martel, Brandon Roy and Trey Rogers. Coach’s Award: Trinity, Ben Sawyer; Martel, Brendon Venable. Hustle: Trinity, Tom Girardin; Martel, Trey Rogers. Sportsmanship: Trinity, Michael Bryant; Martel, Russell Courbron.

McMahon Black vs. Pettingill Panthers – Leading scorers: McMahon, Carter Chabot; Pettingill, Maxwell Bolduc. Coach’s Award: McMahon, Jonathan Gilchrist; Pettingill, Izrael Ferrell; Hustle: McMahon, Austin Drouin; Pettengill, Ryan Delcourt. Sportsmanship: McMahon, Nathan Cook; Pettingill, Kevin Dillingham.

Montello Red vs. Longley Mustangs – Leading scorers: Montello, Joseph Gonzalez; Longley, Cody Morrison. Coach’s Award: Montello, Doud Akok; Longley, Abdullahi Mohamed. Hustle: Montello, Ben Howell; Longley, Ron Vaughn. Sportsmanship: Montello, Shueb Rashid; Longley, Jose Rivas.


McMahon Tigers vs, Pettingill White – Leading scorers: McMahon, Paige Clabby, Abbie Loisel and Autumn Morse; Pettingill, Loretta Rice and Kerseyanne Goyette. Coach’s Award: McMahon, Morgan Bowen; Pettingill, Amanda Swart. Hustle: McMahon, Abbie Loisel; Pettingill, Kerseyanne Goyette. Sportsmanship: McMahon, Elizabeth Cormier; Pettingill, Shauna Babine.

Due to Thursday’s storm, the Trinity Blue-Farwell Gold and Montello-Trinity White games were canceled.

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