The plot line for Jessica Simpson’s new movie is that the character she plays becomes the unwitting pawn of two business executives trying to oust the head of a big corporation.

I’m telling you that because the odds you’ll ever see “Blonde Ambition” in a movie theater are about the same as her still being together with Tony Romo by next month, now running at 6-1 in offshore betting circles. The movie apparently is so bad it is going straight to DVD without passing one movie theater.

Being young, blonde and gorgeous can get you only so far, as Britney Spears and her pregnant younger sister are finding out. And, if the gossip surrounding “Blonde Ambition” is accurate, Simpson might consider some acting lessons before trying the big screen again.

Or maybe she’s just better cast in the role of villain. Yoko Romo anyone?

Cowboy fans certainly think she’s one, all but running her out of town after Romo apparently couldn’t keep his mind on the game with her in the stands in Dallas last week. T.O. even weighed in on the subject, though the new T.O. says he was just having a bit of fun with the guy who throws him the ball.

Fun is what the people at are having with the whole thing. They claim to have had more than 200,000 downloads of a picture of Simpson’s face for opposing fans to show Romo whenever he drops back to pass. Another Web site has the same picture in a holiday theme with Simpson wearing a Santa hat.

But it’s not always fun when actresses and athletes collide.

Robin Givens certainly wasn’t having fun with her husband, who just happened to be the heavyweight champion of the world at the time. She and Mike Tyson were on a couch being interviewed by Barbara Walters when Givens decided to reveal on television that Tyson tended to beat her up a lot.

“Just recently I’ve become afraid,” Givens said as the baddest man on the planet looked on wondering what was coming next. “I mean, very, very much afraid.”

Chuck Finley was afraid, too. He was pitching for the Cleveland Indians when his wife, actress Tawny Kitaen, was arrested for assaulting him in front of their nanny and 9-year-old daughter.

Finley got a restraining order and filed for divorce. But it turned out to be his last season in the majors, and not just because he gave new meaning to being beaten every fifth day.

Indeed, the actress-athlete dynamic is a fragile one, as any star who has ever dated Tom Brady certainly knows. But it seldom rises to public humiliation on network television, and seldom do the Hollywood types have to worry that they might have sent their man’s team on a downward spiral.

Now Simpson has nothing to be afraid of, other than the fact most of Dallas hates her. Then again, they didn’t like country singer Carrie Underwood much last year when she was Romo’s luxury box date in a game against Philadelphia and Romo played like he was having a blonde moment of his own.

Maybe it’s just Romo himself because other athletes have managed to keep their eye on the ball even when they’re not the only stars in the family.

David Beckham never had any trouble bending his kicks when Posh Spice, aka wife Victoria, was in the stands. And Andre Agassi won a lot of tennis tournaments with Brooke Shields cheering him on before he decided that tennis players make better wives than actresses and married Steffi Graf.

Tony Parker only recently got a wedding ring, but he’s got a handful of championship rings and won an NBA finals MVP award just a few weeks before making a wife out of “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria. And Janet Jones didn’t make The Great One any less great when she married Wayne Gretzky, though she might have been advised to stay away from the bookies.

OK, maybe Alyssa Milano was responsible for Barry Zito’s bad year and Carl Pavano’s meltdown. But the serial pitcher dater and occasional actress/blogger could just as easily claim credit for Brad Penny having one of his best seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

And Anna Benson became semi-famous only after becoming Kris Benson’s wife. But she played a big role in his career, helping get Benson traded from the New York Mets after she showed up at the team’s Christmas party wearing a low-cut Santa-type dress that would make even Jessica Simpson blush.

Actresses and athletes have made odd couples since the time they added sound to movies. Heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey was in a tumultuous marriage with starlet Estelle Taylor, and the famous coupling of Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe didn’t last as long as some of Pamela Anderson’s marriages.

As for Romo, well, oddsmakers like the chances of the Cowboys playing in the Super Bowl better than they do of him tying the knot with Simpson.

She shouldn’t be all that unhappy, though, because millions of football fans who had no idea who she was before certainly know her face now.

And that’s all any attention-starved celebrity wannabe wants anyway.

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