Reading the Sun Journal editorial “2008 can be a Dillingham kind of year” reminded me that I have a resolution that I wish the newspaper’s management would consider.

The Sun Journal has been “my” newspaper for more than 60 years. I find the present edition a deterioration in quality and coverage of news from editions of the past.

Rex Rhoades entered the Sun Journal picture with a dynamism, a very human style tailored to Maine people, and changes were made that improved the newspaper.

Then followed more changes that seemed desperate rather than thoughtful. These were not improvements.

While the Sun Journal promotes its connection to communities, we in Rumford very often find little in the River Valley section about our town. We are given news of outside areas that does not relate to us by any stretch of the imagination.

The news of an important selectmen’s meeting is reported in bits and pieces over a week’s time, often with much information missing.

Other important Rumford town committees and many citizens’ activities do not make it into that section reserved for area communities.

Only one section does uphold the newspaper quality of the Sun Journal of the past. The Perspective section, which has citizen guest columns with thoughtful but opposing sides of an issue, can be very informative reading. That is quality.

I hope that Sun Journal management will resolve in 2008 to improve the newspaper for readers in area communities.

Tom Fallon, Rumford

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