AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in November 2007.

Donald Simard, 19 Joffre St., 8 x8 covered porch, $1,500.

Lance Leavitt, 512 Danville Corner Rd., New SFH, $270,000.

Anthony Dambrosio, rebuild existing porch, fire egress exit and stairs, $2,500.

Colonial Ridge LLC, 34 Harvest Hill Ln., complete 45 x 28′ basement area, $11,500.

Daniel and Mary Houlihan, 6 Concord Place, 17 x 10′ sun room, $20,000.

Maryann Lecompte-Mason, 535 Lake Shore Dr., demolish existing house, $5,000.

Alice Flanders, 138 Pleasant St., staircase for egress, $900.

More Properties Inc., 88 Monroe St., remodel commercial space into single family home, $50,000.

Orestis Trust, 1871 Riverside Rd., replace a deck system to cover the existing cellar, $4,000.

Tucson Inc., 96 Madison St., convert existing commercial building into SFH, $20,000.

Beril Mottram, 2431 Turner Rd., rebuild front steps, $1,000.

Joy Earle, 212 Lake St., finish existing second floor, add 3 dormers, $50,000.

Rob Labarbera, 369 Main St., hall, eaves around building and top edges of 4th floor walls, $2,000.

James Dowling, 161 Pondview Dr., construct foundation only for SFH, $20,000.

Clara Yim, 10 Haskell St., remove and rebuild existing front porch, creating a mud room and deck, $8,500.

Karin Bubier, 175 Fletcher Rd., addition, covered porch to SFH, $75,000.

Ralph Nadeau, Maple Hill Rd., new SFH with garage, $299,000.

Shaun Pillsbury, 45 Outlook Dr., 12 x 25′ pool, $25,000.

Maryann Lecompte, 535 Lakeshore Dr., new SFH with breezeway, $198,000.

Henri Grenier, 3053 Hotel Rd., 14 x 38′ deck, $8,000.

Cameron Hartley, 42 Gillander Ave., add a dormer, $18,350.

Gary Lashua, 1273 Old Danville Rd., demo/renovate floor plan to existing SFH, $50,000.

Gregory Cottle, 64 Sheridan Ave., kitchen addition 13 x 20′, $15,500.

Donald Oulette, 47 Louise St., demo interior wall, $0.

Glen Bolden, 10 Haskell St., replace windows, alter opening sizes, $8,200.

Laura Sue Lavoie, 215 Winter St., 12 x 12′ bathroom addition, $10,000.

Kim McGovern, 963 Riverside Dr., build wall for a 1/2 bath and add structural support to existing beam, $800.

Pearl Residential, 50 Goff St., build a handicap ramp and entry, $13,780.

Raymond Bedette, 130 Val View Dr., demolition of SFH as proposed, $10,000.

Raymond Lapierre, 83 Manley Rd., construct free standing ramp to SFH, $500.

Yuli Huang, 136 Chickadee Dr., construct SFH ranch, 28 x 40′ no deck, $130,000.

Michele Tribou, 648 Turner St., building 2, fit out of space for deli, $150,000.

Thomas Hanson, 117 High St., remove and reconstruct 2 story deck, $8,400.

Gary Loomis, 20 Flight Line Dr., 30 x 60′ Quanset hut, $30,000.

Auburn Mall/ Steve & Barry, 550 Center St., Space #1200, fit out for retail space per plans dated Nov. 5, 2007, $430,000.

Eddy’s Drive Inn, 277 Main St., demo roof, $0.

City of Auburn, 41 Hampshire St., demolish warehouse due to fire, $14,500.

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