What do you have in your library at home, and what do you like to read?

Ashley Phelps
• Junior

I have around 50 books in my own personal collection. I have varied types of books ranging from “Chicken Soup for The Teenage Soul” all the way to the Harry Potter series.

Nate Lemieux
• Senior

I have all the Harry Potter books in my collection in my room. There are also different chapter books that I have and books about extreme sports like dirt biking and skateboarding. In my whole personal collection I probably have 30 books and in all the books in my house there are probably about 300 or more.

Jennifer Caron
• Junior

My collection of books rounds to about 500 which are all found in my personal library. I have everything from romance to horror, fiction and non fiction. My favorite, which consumes most of the library, is fantasy/ fiction. One whole shelf is dedicated to multiple copies of the Harry Potter series, which I greatly recommend.

Sagelee Dube • Freshman

My collection of books is mainly around vampire type of series like the Anne Rice series, and the Twilight series. I also read a lot of books about teen issues, like Cut, and Perfect. I also read some fairy tale type of books.

Chris Bowden
• Senior

I read a lot of Stephen King, as of right now I’m in the middle of The Stand which is a very terrifying story of a plague that hits killing millions of people!

Damien Gwardys
• Junior

Probably the all-time greatest book trilogy ever would be “The Circle” written by Ted Dekker. The three books (Black, White and Red) tie in a fantastic story with metaphysical questions and lessons about life. The characters are fresh and original and the whole concept of a totally destroyed world because of human effects makes one think. Aside from Ted Dekker, I am also an avid reader of Dean Koontz, and John Grisham. Koontz introduced me to his world of writing with his book “Watchers” which is again, one of my all time favorite books because of the questions it raises and how it makes one think.

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