I want to thank Dr. Edward Walworth for responding to my letter on gun-free zones. However, he is clearly missing my points. First of all, I am not advocating that everyone “pack heat” as he calls it. I am merely suggesting that those people who feel comfortable, have passed a background check and have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry anywhere in the state.

As for churches, yes I think we should be permitted to carry there as well. Evidently he has forgotten about the recent shootings at the New Life Church in Colorado where a church member and volunteer, Jeanne Assam, shot the madman before he could kill dozens more. Ms. Assam is a concealed carry permit holder. Finally, Dr. Walworth mentions total gun registration as his third proposed law. While I’m not surprised he would suggest this, let’s look at our neighbors to the north. Canada does indeed have total gun registration. However, of the 5,194 homicides committed there between 1997 and 2005, only 2.27 percent were committed with a registered gun, according to the Toronto Sun. Nice try, but gun registration and gun-free zones only serve one purpose – take guns away from the law-abiding.

Mark Cushman, Poland

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