YORK, Pa. (AP) – Masking his appearance with a coat of drywall compound wasn’t enough to protect the identity of a bank robber, authorities said. A NASCAR plate on the getaway car led police right to him.

Robert Coulson Lavery, 56, was convicted Wednesday in the Nov. 24, 2006, robbery of the New Cumberland Federal Credit Union, which netted $7,910, Fairview Township police said. He was charged along with Robert Steven Miller, 53, who drove the getaway car, which bore a Rusty Wallace NASCAR plate on the front. A tip from someone familiar with the car led police to Miller, who confessed to helping Lavery in the robbery, police said.

When Lavery was arrested at Miller’s home in Harrisburg, police found $3,775 in cash, clothing with smears of drywall compound, and more drywall compound in the passenger side of the car.

Miller pleaded guilty to robbery and theft in October.

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