LEWISTON – Recent top performers from Lewiston Department of Recreation grade school basketball competition. The department does not report final scores:


McMahon Gold vs. Longley Mustangs – Leading scorers, Ahmed Hirsi and Jose Rivas; Coaches’ awards, Derek Montminy and Zamzam Saney; Hustle, Ismail Hersi and Daishawn Tucker; Sportsmanship, Taylor Vaillancourt and Ron Vaughn.

Pettingill Blue vs. Martel Dark Green – Leading scorers, Maxwell Bolduc and Isiah Harris; Coaches’ awards, Jordan Ferrell and Christopher Robinson; Hustle, Kevin Dillingham and Kyle Billings; Sportsmanship, Stone Colby and Devin Michaud.

Montello Red vs. Farwell Blue – Leading scorers, Ben Howell and Brennan Gillespie; Coaches’ awards, Joseph Gonzalez and Ka’Mari Schnitker; Hustle, Auston LaRue and Brennan Gillespie; Sportsmanship, Shueb Rashid and Gregory Anderson.

Martel Light Green vs. McMahon Black – Leading scorer, Brandon Roy; Coaches’ awards, Jake Schmidt and Tyler Parent; Hustle, Trey Rogers and Chris Brown; Sportsmanship, Zachary Riddle and Ronald Seguin.

Montello Blue vs. Farwell Gold – Leading scorers, Matt Hudson and Andrew MoKumobi; Coaches’ awards, Zachary Bartshe and Legend Edwards; Hustle, Matt Hudson and Devan Lepage; Sportsmanship, Mohamed Mohamed and Nathan Freve.


McMahon Tigers vs. Montello – Leading scorers, Morgan Bowen and Victoria Crenshaw; Coaches’ awards, Paige Clabby and Brittany Robichaud; Hustle, Norah Schlax and Tanya Ogden; Sportsmanship, Andrea Hamel and Megan Desroshiers.

Pettingill White vs. Farwell Bobcats – Leading scorers, Kerseyanne Goyette and Maegan Mathon; Coaches’ awards, Olivia Grimmer and Jessica Cote; Hustle, Loretta Rice and Jami Morissette; Sportsmanship, Courtney Allen and Samantha Cote.

Trinity White vs. Martel Girls – Leading scorers, Margaret Fogarty and Emily Brochu; Coaches’ awards, McKenna LaChapelle and Heather Kendall; Hustle, Nicolette Vallee and Shannon Pierce; Sportsmanship, Riley Negm and Emily Payne.

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