CANTON – Voters decide by referendum today if they want to authorize the town to accept a grant of up to $336,000 from the Rural Utilities Service to finance a portion of the cost to design, construct and equip a sewer line extension to the new village center.

They will also decide if they want to authorize the town to borrow up to $448,000 for the project and to accept a Rural Development Water Grant of $355,000 for it.

Voters will also decide whether to borrow up to $434,000 to help pay for adding water lines to the village off Edmunds Road, just north of the village along Route 108.

The loans have been offered by the Rural Development for about 4 percent interest.

This is the final vote on the Village Ridge project with Greater Brunswick Housing Corp. A “no” vote means the town will own about 30 acres of cleared land. The town will most likely sell the land as necessary and refuse grant money that has already been awarded.

The project began after the December 2003 flood when some 40 homes were damaged and 39 vacated. The town has received nearly $5 million in grants to buy those homes and to purchase the land for the new village center.

Voting will take place at the Town Office from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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