I read about Claire Madore’s accident Jan. 11, at the entrance to the Ja-Lynne Trailer Park, where I also live. The park has about 50 trailers, and many residents have had close calls trying to get out onto Turner Street. A few years ago, another resident was leaving the park on a bicycle and was hit.

Since so many businesses have come to Turner Street, the traffic has changed so that the street is almost like a busy highway.

Many residents have complained to the police department, and were told to go to city officials. We did, and got fluffed off. We even asked if it would take someone being killed before anything was done.

Drivers should realize that there is a knoll a short distance from the park entrance and many cars come over that going too fast. Residents look before exiting, and seeing nothing coming, start onto Turner Street, only to have a car on the bumper blowing the horn. There seems to be a lot of road rage.

A lot of the people in the park are senior citizens who have been living there 20, 30 or more years. We were there before the traffic became so heavy. OK, so it’s progress, true, and I love the new area down the road, but I want to have better than a gambler’s chance to get out of my residential-area entrance with my life intact.

City officials need to address this serious problem.

Jeannette Libby, Auburn

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