LEWISTON – This week’s top performers in Lewiston Department of Recreation grade school basketball. The department does not report scores:


Montello Blue vs. Martel Light Green – Leading scorers: Mohamed Mohamed (Mon), Trey Rogers and Brandon Roy (Mar); Coach’s Awards: Mohamed Mohamed (Mon), Jake Schmidt (Mar); Hustle: Farhan Abdilahi (Mon), Cameron Provencher (Mar); Sportsmanship: Dolor Smith (Mon), Russell Courbron (Mar).

Pettingill Panthers vs. Trinity Catholic – Leading scorers: Stone Colby (P), Cameron Raymond (T); Coach’s Awards: Lucas Schipper (P), Jared Dumais (T); Hustle: Elijah Solis (P), Ben Sawyer (T); Sportsmanship: Nicholas Hawk (P), Ryan Harvey (T).

Longley Mustangs vs. Farwell Blue – Leading scorer: Jose Rivas (L); Coach’s Awards: Logan Polley (L), Ben Lowit (F); Hustle: Cody Morrison (L), Nicholas Gillespie (F); Sportsmanship: Jose Rivas (L), Zachary Alexander (F).

Jan. 14 games (Farwell Gold vs. McMahon Gold and McMahon Black vs. Martel Dark Green) canceled due to storm.


Martel vs. Montello -Leading scorers: Emily Payne (Mar), Jenessa Talarico (Mon); Coach’s Awards: Emily Brochu (Mar), Keileigh Belanger (Mon); Hustle: Shanon Pierce (Mar), Brittany Robichaud (Mon); Sportsmanship: Taylor Sargent (Mar), Jenessa Talarico (Mon).

McMahon Tigers vs. Trinity Catholic Blue – Leading scorer: Emily Bolduc (T); Coach’s Awards: Paige Clabby (M), Alicia Ouellette (T); Hustle: Margaruette Seguin (M), Nicole Latulippe (T); Sportsmanship: Andrea Hamel (M), Kaitlyn Rourke (T).

Trinity White vs. Pettingill Blue – Leading scorers: Margaret Fogarty and Brooke Reynolds (T), Megan Cullins (P); Coach’s Awards: Coreen Robert (T), Brianna Theriault (P); Hustle: McKenna LaChapelle (T), Nadine Jones (P); Sportsmanship: Kaleigh Moreau (T), Olivia Norton (P).

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